Friday, March 16, 2018

Carrion Scourge: Plague of Monsters

Guess what.

My newest novel is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook and paperback. You can follow that link to the Amazon page.

Like every great work of fiction of the past 150 or so years, it features, drama, tragedy, and professional monster hunters battling zombified Antarctic researchers and giant monsters. Basically, the platonic ideal of the Great American Novel, you know? So, what's the skinny on the plot?

The Antarctic is an ice-locked land dotted with research stations and the frozen remains of dead explorers. However, when a large meteor crashes in a remote part of the icy continent, strange claims begin to filter out to the rest of the world.

In South Africa, former big game hunter Denise DeMarco has opened up a new office for professional monster trackers. When a mysterious group asks her to investigate some of the weird happenings on the world’s least-explored landmass, she agrees. However, Denise and her colleagues soon find themselves deep in a life or death struggle for survival. She must face remote outposts swarming with the ravenous undead, frozen hellscapes where gigantic monstrosities stalk the survivors, and madmen determined to protect the meteor’s secrets at all costs. And that’s if frostbite doesn’t kill her first.

Armed with an elephant gun and the knowledge that failure means death or worse, Denise must traverse the bottom of the world and exterminate the creeping horrors that have taken root there.

If you've read my other works, you probably already know that this is the third book in my Carrion series. The first is Carrion Safari, and the second is Carrion Shadows. Do you need to read those to enjoy this one? No, not at all. While there is something of an overarching plot for the series as a whole, it's going on in the background. Each novel works as a standalone adventure.

Like the others, this one was published by Severed Press, purveyors of cryptozoological monster battles to the masses. I don't know who does their covers, but they do good work.

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