Sunday, August 13, 2017

For I Am Become...

I recently made the biggest short story sale of my writing career. My story "Siren" was accepted to The Beauty of Death 2 - Death By Water. Why is this such a great sale? Well, check out some of the awesome company I'm sharing space with.

You've got Ramsey Campbell, who is basically Britain's answer to Stephen King. You've got Peter Straub, who a bunch of people remember for co-writing some stuff with Stephen King but also did some influential stuff on his own. You've got literary demi-god Dennis Etchison. You've got prolific novelist of the weird, Edward Lee. You've got the godfather of the splatterpunk movement, David J. Schow. You've got Bram Stoker Award winner and super cool dude Tim Waggoner. You've got the current president of the Horror Writers Association, Lisa Morton. You've got Lucy Snyder, who has won a small pile of Bram Stoker Awards. Plus, there's a bunch of other people I'm less familiar with but who are probably cool.

And then you've got me. Hey. Howdy. What's up? My names at the very bottom, right there. Not too shabby, eh?

My story is the tale of a WWI German U-boat that's been incapacitated and is stuck on the bottom of the Atlantic. As discipline breaks down, things get...weird.

The Beauty of Death 2 should be on sale in October of 2017.