Friday, April 7, 2017

Carrion Shadows

Here's that big news I promised. Severed Press has officially picked up Carrion Shadows: Undead Onslaught for publication. Right now, I'm still waiting for the release date and cover art, but there should be more to show you in the near future.

Let me give you the blurbed synopsis.

After years of working as a big game hunter, Denise DeMarco wants to quietly retire to become a park ranger at a game preserve. However, a doomed expedition into the dark ecosystem that thrives beneath the park’s surface accidentally sends something terrifying bubbling to the veldt’s surface. Something prehistoric. Something hungry. 

Armed with an elephant gun and years of experience, it’s up to Denise to save the blighted park. Swarms of the oozing undead, relentless poachers, and one very angry dinosaur stand in her way. And even if she survives all that, there’s still something trapped underground that wants out. Primeval horrors and ravenous ghouls lurk around every corner as night falls over the park. Denise must use all her skills if she wants to live through the experience. She must become the ultimate monster hunter. 

Carrion Shadows in a standalone sequel to Carrion Safari, my first novel with Severed Press. You can find the first book HERE if you're interested, but you don't need to read it to enjoy Carrion Shadows.