Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Coming

My next novel, SUBSTRATUM, will be available around the end of the month from the good folks at Grinning Skull Press. Mad cover design scientist Jeffery Kosh whipped up the cover.

"Mr. Buck, why would I want to tear my gaze from the swirling maelstrom of  vomit-encrusted lost souls that is election coverage and being forced to spend time with my weird family members during Thanksgiving to read your book? Oh my God, I need to build a doomsday bunker."

These are the questions you may be asking yourself right now. Well, now that you're thinking of reading material to stock your bunker with so that you do not go mad during the long, slow march to the End Times, allow me to tell you why SUBSTRATUM is the book for you.

It has:
- Stop at nothing private detectives
- Ravenous monsters
- Cursed diamonds
- Fisticuffs
- Mutated zombies
- Adventure, mystery, and suspense
- Tommy gun totin' gangsters
- Mysterious forces determined to keep a secret
- The egregious misuse of a steam shovel
- All set against the backdrop of glorious 1920s Detroit and written in glorious Smell-O-Vision

It's the perfect novel to distract your mind from the hordes of the post-election undead scratching at the door to your shelter and/or talking to your weird uncle over the holidays.

Already hankering to get your mitts on a copy? It's not quite available yet, but you can always satiate your hunger for out of control pulp mayhem with my other currently available novel, CARRION SAFARI. Find it here.

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